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Our demand for quality and pride of workmanship is reflected in every one of our garments. With a reputation built upon excellence and impeccable styling, the manufacturer who produces our garments  has proudly produced the finest in men’s tailored clothing.  Our garments are crafted with a passion for the product and an eye for refined details that you won't find with other clothiers and especially not with off-the-rack garments. The creation of custom suit demands time, passion, dedication and craftsmanship, as you will clearly see and feel when you compare our suits to other tailors.Whether you are looking for a slim fit suit or a made to measure shirt, our clothier can show you a multitude of options. The process begins with a consultation at our Chicago location in Lincoln Park. Your men's style consultant will help you make all the appropriate fabric and customization selections, then will take precise measurements. About 4-6 weeks later, your suit will be ready for your first fitting. Final adjustments will be made, then the complete garment will be ready a few days later.



All of the garments are made by hand. All suits and blazers and overcoats are full-canvas construction. A suit’s inner canvas lining is what gives the suit its shape and form. A full-canvas garment lasts longer, breathes better, loses its wrinkles quickly, and allows for more natural movement and drape because its hand-sewn layers can move independently of one another. Most off-the-rack and made-to-measure suit makers reduce costs by eliminating the full-canvas feature. Instead, they “fuse” (or glue) the fabrics together in order to imitate the appearance of a fully canvassed jacket. This is the most important aspect of a well made tailored piece of clothing.

Choices and Features

Standard coat features:

  • Horsehair canvas interlining -Hand sewn collar attachment
  • Hand sewn Armholes -Selection of lapel style and size
  • Selection of pockets and styles -Lining in the shoulder seam
  • Lightweight shoulder pads
  • Armhole lining
  • Flower loop
  • Hand-stitched buttonholes
  • Facing and lining at seams
  • Picked stitching on edge of lapels and pockets (if desired)
  • Surgeons cuffs (working buttonholes)
  • Quality Bullhorn Buttons -Side or center vents
  • Selection of lining

Standard trouser features:

  • Belt loops
  • Dupont pocket
  • Suspender buttons (if desired)
  • Half, front or fully lined
  • Two-piece hand finished waistband
  • Shirt grippers in waistband
  • Three-way French fly closure
  • Reinforced crotch -100% cotton extra deep pockets

Standard shirt features:

  • Selection of collar (15 styles)
  • Selction of cuff (10 styles)
  • Selection of stitching
  • Selection of pocket style (if desired)
  • Selection of back style (shoulder pleat, box pleat or plain)
  • Selection of front (plain, box, fly or studded)


All neckties, bow ties, ascots, braces, silk waistcoats (vests) scarves and pocket sqaures are made completely by hand using silks, cottons, linens and wools from the best fabric mills in Italy and England.

Construction and Fabrication


The pressing process is a critical step in the overall look of your suit. When making our suits, each is put through a comprehensive 10 step pressing process which ensures each piece is molded to the natural shape of your body.

World-Class Wools, Silks, Linens and Cotton

In our goal to bring you the best we only work with the top wool mills in the world. These state-of-the-art mills abide by board set international standards when it comes to processing wool, so you can feel confident you are receiving the highest quality product every single time.   Fine wools have a soft & luxurious hand feel making them the most sought after in the world. The fineness of the fibers makes for a lightweight fabric that is a perfect match for our suits, which makes the slim fit suits comfortable to wear. Wool has the amazing ability to react to climates and is able to regulate your temperature in both hot & cold environments. Due to it’s unique physical structure it can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, making it the ideal fabric to draw wetness away from your body and keep you comfortable. We’ve hand-selected fabrics that have a greater elasticity and are more wrinkle resistant. Not only does this give our suits a superior hand and drape, it means you’ll look as good at the end of the day as you did when you first put it on.

How to Take Care of Suits & Wool

General Care

  • Give wool a 24 hour rest after each wearing
  • Remove spots and stains promptly
  • Refresh wool garments by hanging in a steamy bathroom
  • Hang woven wool garments on shaped padded hangers
  • Brush garments frequently to revive the surface and remove surface soil
  • Empty pockets when storing in closet

Care in Storage

  • Dry clean or launder woolens before storage
  • Keep closet and trunks clean
  • Pack woolens in airtight containers
  • Pack with mothballs suspended above the clothing
  • Use a six-month moth-proofing spray if mothballs are not available
  • Remember that storing clean woolens is the best protection from moth damage since the insects are attracted to soil and stains


  • Dry-clean only as needed, don't over clean
  • If dry-cleaning, identify origin of spots and stains for special treatment Pressing
  • Between cleanings, press only
  • Always use steam iron on the wool setting. Avoid pressing wool totally dry
  • When possible press on the reverse side of the garment
  • Use a press cloth to avoid leaving a shine
  • Lower and lift the iron rather than sliding it back and forth
  • Prevent imprinting by placing heavy paper under folds, seems or darts

Time frame

  Normal turn around is 4-6 weeks for tailored clothing, 15 business days for shirts and 2-3 weeks for ties and accessories.  They can be expedited but at an additional cost.

Call us today at 773.975.7700 to set up an appointment with one of our men's stylists.