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Out of Town Measurements

It’s a courtesy that you can walk into reciprocating formalwear stores in the country and get a complimentary fitting at no charge. It takes about five minutes. Your groomsmen can then submit their measurements online. By submitting the measurements online it will come to us under your wedding party and they will receive a confirmation that the measurements have been received.

Their tuxedo will be ready for them when they arrive in the Chicagoland area. This is much easier than trying to pick up their tux in the city they are coming from as they avoid any extra charges for an extended rental. They don't have to worry about the  possibility of lost luggage, dealing with a wrinkled tuxedo, or having enough time for fit adjustments – if their travel arrangements allow it! When you think about it, being a nationwide company isn’t really an advantage. What is an advantage is having the merchandise on our premises and  alterations done on site so  if one of your men shows up an hour before the wedding, we can fit, alter and get him to the wedding on time and he will look great!

Put in your zip code to find an out of town tuxedo dealer for measurements.

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