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We just got married last weekend and used Formally Modern for 9 tuxes for all the guys. The groomsman are all over the country, so I was nervous about getting them all fitted, etc. The staff at Formally Modern was super organized and friendly. The space in itself is great; a huge difference from the competitor located in the same strip mall. The store is sophisticated, comfortable, and accessible.


Love this store. Every time I am in town from NY I like to stop in and see what they have. I bought a pair of jeans that glow in the cool is that?!?! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The store is incredibly clean and well designed, which makes shopping there a great experience.


Whenever I need a Tux, I use Formally Modern Tuxedo. They had me looking like a million bucks on my wedding day, the only person that could have ever looked better than me was my beautiful wife. In conclusion if you need a tux you now know where to go.


I was struggling to find a great tuxedo shop before luckily stumbling on Formally Modern Tuxedo during a google search, looking for a tux for my wedding. I have never seen a luxury men's clothing store this nice. The tuxedos are fashionable styles. There was a great selection of jackets, shirts, ties (long and bow), and amazing socks/pocket squares. There were awesome shoes there as well. And it was hard to miss their dazzling selection of cuff links. The best part was the excellent service. As soon as we entered the store, we were greeted kindly and helped very quickly and efficiently.They took care of me, literally, neck to toe. All members of the staff were smoothly dressed and had great knowledge of their craft. Anyone that wants to get his own tux should shop here. You will look like a million bucks


These guys are awesome. My wife was an admitted 'bridezilla' during our wedding and delegated the mens clothing to me. I made the error of asking my guys to just wear black suits, and I was planning on wearing my own tux. When this was discovered it turned out to be not ok and off we went. We all got simple, classic tuxes. We paired them up with high quality shirts and nice ties (those were not rented) which really made the look good. Prices were reasonable, and the fit on my tux was great. Anyway, not hard to rent some tuxes out but they had to deal with three or four screaming fiance fits. The sales guy was always polite and seemed to know how calm everyone down.


I recently purchased a tuxedo for my wedding at Formally Modern Tuxedo. My groomsmen rented there tuxedos or parts thereof there as well. Donnie was the gentlemen who helped us and was extremely accommodating; he acquired the exact tie color and pattern that my bride had picked out. This required a step above as he did not have these ties in stock currently. At my wedding I received multiple compliments about how handsome and dashing my groomsmen were. If you want to be a dapper man, go see Donnie.


I needed a tuxedo for a wedding and I wasn't sure if i was going to rent or buy...i guess it depended on the the price. The selection was good and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I ended up buying an incredible Hugo Boss tux. They were able to pin me up so that they can make the complimentary alterations on location (which is a nice change from having to travel somewhere else to have the work done). This was a great experience and I will gladly continue to shop there. They also have a lot of great casual wear for sale. I give them an A. Great job!